Increase storage size of Azure SQL Managed Instance

If you need to increase the storage space available to a managed instance – it has to be done via code as the option to edit a managed instance is not available in the Portal.

I recently increased a size of a managed instance from 320GB to 512GB and it took around 2 minutes to complete. I used the cloud shell available in the portal.

$subId = "my_subscription_id"
$resourceGroup = "resourceGroup1"
$instanceName = "managed-instance-1"

Select-AzureRmSubscription -SubscriptionId $subId

$size = 512
Set-AzureRmSqlInstance -Name $instanceName -ResourceGroupName $resourceGroup -StorageSizeInGB $size

Cores, the Admin password and a few other parameters can also be changed in the same manner. See the set-azurermsqlinstance documentation.

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