Adding a new project into kubectl/kubectx cli

I use two main command line tools when it comes to kubernetes – kubectx and kubectl

Kubectx is a great little utility for switching between kubernetes clusters, and kubectl is the official utility to manage and deploy kubernetes applications.

Adding a context into kubectx/kubectl

Go to the google cloud console and navigate to Kubernetes Engine and then click the connect button on the cluster, which will provide the gcloud command you need to run on your machine to configure access to the cluster locally.

as an example, lets say we have just added gke-dbemohsin-cluster-sandbox 

MYMAC:cloud-architecture dbamohsin$ kubectx

To rename a context in kubectx:

kubectx SANDBOX=gke-dbemohsin-cluster-sandbox
Context "gke-dbemohsin-cluster-sandbox" renamed to "SANDBOX".

To add a wrapper alias around context switching, expecially if some context run under different gcloud accounts, you can add the commands to your bash_profile:

alias k8-sandbox='gcloud config configurations activate dbemohsin; kubectx SANDBOX'

and to call the alias:

MYMAC:~ dbamohsin$ k8-sandbox
Switched to context "SANDBOX".


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