How to list containers running in a kubernetes pod

Unfortunately, there isnt a simple get command that can be run to retrieve containers running inside pods. However, the custom-columns command can be exposed via kubectl to get this information out.

For more info on custom-columns visit the kubectl docs –

The following command will list pod name and container name for all pods in the default namespace

kubectl get pods,CONTAINERS:.spec.containers[*].name

The output is something like this:


You can also just get the container via the jsonpath option

kubectl get pods mongod-1 -o jsonpath='{.spec.containers[*].name}'

The reason I did a bit of research (5 minutes!) into this was because the container name is required when running the exec command in kubectl. eg:

kubectl exec -ti mongod-1 -c mongod-container bash

The remote copy of database x has not been rolled forward to a point in time that is encompassed in the local copy

When setting up database mirroring, it is possible to receieve the following error when starting the mirroring session between the Principal and Mirror databases:

The remote copy of database x has not been rolled forward to a point in time that is encompassed in the local copy

Assuming the steps taken follow a pattern similar to below:

  1. BACKUP database DBMTest on SQLINS01
  2. BACKUP log DBMTest on SQLINS01
  3. Copy db and log backup files to SQLINS02
  4. RESTORE DBMTest with norecovery
  5. RESTORE log DBMTest with norecovery
  6. create endpoints on both SQLINS01 and SQLINS02
    CREATE ENDPOINT [Mirroring]
  7. Enable mirror on MIRROR Server SQLINS02
    :connect SQLINS02
    SET Partner = N'TCP://';
  8. Enable mirror on PRINCIPAL server SQLINS01
    :connect SQLINS01
    SET Partner = N'TCP://';

The error would appear on step 8

Normally the reason for the error is because the backup file for the log or full backup has not been initialized and therefore contains more than one backup of the database on file.

Add the WITH INIT option to the backups to create a fresh initialized backup file