Introduction to MySQL

Decided to learn a bit more about MySQL as my team at work will soon be taking on some MySQL instances.

Installation: (MySQL 5.5)

How to Install:

The installation on windows is fairly painless. took around 5-10 minutes to install with simple click through windows.

Administration via a GUI?: I started using the MySQL Workbench (5.2 CE) which ships with the installation. Other tools are available including probably the most widely known which is the MAAT Kit (

Workbench home screen:


Workbench simple Query Editor:


Admin Page:


Command Line: the command line interface initially didn’t work for me. To resolve this i had to add the MySQL bin directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.5\bin) into the environment variables on my Machine.

To do this on vista Right click my Computer | Properties | Advanced System Settings [Left pane] | Environment Variables…

Connecting via CMD

mysql -u root -p -h localhost

Some other Simple commands:

show databases;

use database;

show tables;

Reference Manual:


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