No Publication – but still shows up in Replication Monitor!!!

Issue: Replication has been removed from a SQL Server cleanly, yet the replication monitor still shows the publication

select * from distribution..MSReplication_Monitordata

The rogue publication should show up in the list from the query above. Why not just delete the row relating to the rogue publication – you can try but it wont delete.

delete from distribution..MSReplication_Monitordata
where publisher_db = 'FutureProofStage'

(1 row affected)

However, when you check the table again, the row will still be there.

Even if it doesn’t show up the query, the steps below should help fix it.

Not really sure why it happens… but read the following post on how to fix it –

In Summary, you need to create the publication again with the same publication name and against the same publication DB and then remove it.
It has to do with some sort of incomplete cleanup. The publication only needs to have one article.

After  completing these steps, the row will be removed from distribution..MSReplication_Monitordata


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