SQL Server ‘Denali’ AKA SQL Server 2011

At the PASS Summit 2010 the next version of SQL Server, code-named Denali, was announced and the CTP made available. Denali is also known as SQL Server 11.

Slightly annoyingly, the CTP version cannot be installed on Windows XP which is a shame as I cant see my company moving us onto vista any time soon. Server Installation requirements look to be Windows Server 2008 onwards.

A couple of the features I am looking forward to seeing:

SQL Server AlwaysOn

Denali’s AlwaysOn includes features to help simplify high-availability environments and maximize hardware investments. One of these features is support for multi-site clustering, also referred to as multi-subnet clustering. Windows Server Core support is also included. It attempts to reduce SQL Server downtime by eliminating 50 to 60% of the reboots required by OS patching.


Apollo is the codename for Column-based Query Accelerator. According to Microsoft, performance gain is realized on very large result set queries. with claims of an approximate 10 times increase in query performance.

Columnstore Indexes are what is set up to provide for this increase in query performance. Essentially, instead of storing rows on pages, columns are stored individually on a set of pages. Algorithms can then be used to compress the redundancy out of the column. Some benefits:

  • only the columns needed to solve a query are fetched from disk (this is often fewer than 15% of the columns in a typical fact table),
  • it’s easier to compress the data due to the redundancy of data within a column, and
  • buffer hit rates are improved because data is highly compressed, and frequently accessed parts of commonly used columns remain in memory, while infrequently used parts are paged out.

Contained Databases

Contained Databases is a concept where databases are not tied to the instance they reside on. Everything about a database is contained in that database without today’s coupling to the database engine (SQL Server instance) it’s running under.

Specifically, users are no longer tied to logins on the instance. This should save a lot of time, no longer needing to fix orphaned users in development, test, and stage when we pull down production databases to our non-production environments!!!

Introduction to Sequence : SQL Server finally has the concept of a “sequence” that Oracle has had for years!

New Role Management : Now we can create User defined Server level Roles

Full enhancement list can be found Here


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  1. SQL Server Denali CTP3 on Windows 2008 R2 Server Core http://t.co/1aHK2ot

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