Find Transaction Holding up Replication

First run the following statement on the subscriber database

Use subscriber
select * from subscriber..MSreplication_subscriptions

The above syntax gives useful subscription information including the transaction_timestamp, which can be used to identify what is being run into replication at the given time.

Use the transaction_timestamp value from the output and use it, to run the following sql against the distribution database as below:

Use distribution
sp_browsereplcmds @xact_seqno_start = '0x00000000000000000068000000000000'

The SQL above can return the details of a transaction which will include all commands held in that transaction_timestamp.

This is useful if replication is failing as it shows which command is at the top of the command list waiting to go into the subscriber. E.g.

{CALL “sp_MSins_SCOTTA_MOHSIN” (399999, 1, 2)}

To further troubleshoot, run the command above (without the { } and CALL), into the subscriber database, to see details of the error.


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