Installing UTL_MAIL on 11g

UTL_MAIL is not installed by default because of the SMTP_OUT_SERVER configuration requirement and the security exposure this involves. In installing UTL_MAIL, you should take steps to prevent the port defined by SMTP_OUT_SERVER being swamped by data transmissions.

This package is now an invoker’s rights package and the invoking user will need the connect privilege granted in the access control list assigned to the remote network host to which he wants to connect.

Install UTL_MAIL and define the SMTP_OUT_SERVER.

  • To install UTL_MAIL:

sqlplus sys/<pwd>
SQL> @$ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/utlmail.sql
SQL> @$ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/prvtmail.plb
SQL> ALTER SYSTEM SET smtp_out_server = 'localhost' SCOPE=spfile;
  • You define the SMTP_OUT_SERVER parameter in the init.ora rdbms initialization file. However, if SMTP_OUT_SERVER is not defined, this invokes a default ofDB_DOMAIN which is guaranteed to be defined to perform appropriately.


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