Bounce Grid Control and Restart node Agent

What is OPMN?
Oracle Process Manager and Notification Server (OPMN) is installed and configured with every Oracle Application Server installation type and is essential for running Oracle Application Server.

OPMN Command List
prompt > opmnctl help

  scope      command      options
_________   __________   __________
            start                         – Start opmn
            startall                      – Start opmn and all managed processes
            stopall                       – Stop opmn and all managed processes
            shutdown                      – Shutdown opmn and all managed processes
[<scope>]   startproc   [<attr>=<val>..]  – Start opmn managed processes
[<scope>]   restartproc [<attr>=<val>..]  – Restart opmn managed processes
[<scope>]   stopproc    [<attr>=<val>..]  – Stop opmn managed processes
[<scope>]   reload                        – Trigger opmn to reread opmn.xml
[<scope>]   status      [<options>]       – Get managed process status
            ping        [<max_retry>]     – Ping local opmn
            validate    [<filename>]      – Validate the given xml file
            help                          – Print brief usage description
            usage       [<command>]       – Print detailed usage description

Bounce Grid Control

Log onto the Grid Control Box

> cd oms10g
> cd opmn
> cd bin
> ./opmnctl status

Processes in Instance:

ias-component | process-type | pid | status

DSA | DSA | N/A | Down
HTTP_Server | HTTP_Server | 29803 | Alive
LogLoader | logloaderd | N/A | Down
dcm-daemon | dcm-daemon | 29758 | Alive
OC4J | home | 30190 | Alive
OC4J | OC4J_EMPROV | 30194 | Alive
OC4J | OC4J_EM | 29848 | Alive
WebCache | WebCache | 30217 | Alive
WebCache | WebCacheAdmin | 30196 | Alive

(Make sure the ones in green are always running)

> ./opmnctl stopall

> ./opmnctl startall

If the status of a process is down and should be up then it can be started manually

If the status is Down, start thr process
> opmnctl startproc ias-component=dcm-daemon

To Restart an agent on a specific node

Navigate to the following directory

> cd bin
> ./emctl

Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Release
Copyright (c) 1996, 2005 Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.
Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Agent Commands:

emctl start | stop agent
emctl getversion
emctl reload | upload | clearstate | getversion agent
emctl reload agent dynamicproperties [<Target_name>:<Target_Type>]….
emctl config agent <options>
emctl config agent updateTZ
emctl config agent getTZ
emctl resetTZ agent
emctl config agent credentials [<Target_name>[:<Target_Type>]]

> ./emctl status agent

This gives the version details as well as cml files pending upload


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